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Just a shy, gloomy little stray kitten finding her place in the world
Chateau Kitten for 1 Year
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This set was unfortunately not accepted due to the background being a bit too dark to see the ears clearly, but it was fun, nonetheless, and I enjoyed playing with the concept! Makeup and lingerie are rather new to me in actuality... I often view myself as too plain, or…
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Cat cafes are no doubt charming, fun little places, with a cozy atmosphere and countless friendly, fluffy felines to cuddle and enjoy. You can enjoy snacks and warm tea while a cat snuggles up on your lap, or nestles beside you. You can entertain them with the various toys that…
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AFF38EC1-F5FA-4CE9-B26C-3A15EC1044F6   In this day and age, it is not uncommon to find oneself in an LDR at some point or another. Whether the person is a few hours away, a whole state away, or all the way across the ocean, we sometimes cannot help who we fall for, or change…
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A1C511AF-58A7-41D5-A7BD-66275A5ECF4B One year ago, on April 24, 2019, I was accepted into The Chateau. I remember seeing the email and finding myself ablaze with nervousness, excitement, and disbelief. Was this a joke or fake? Was the email meant to be sent to me? I could hardly believe it...  Hello, fellow kittens! …
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