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  There's nothing cuter and more tasty than homemade rainbow snacks, especially if they are multi-purpose. Marshmallows are used in so many sweets like: s'mores, hot chocolate, and rice crispy treats. Just to name a few. They are surprisingly easy to make from scratch, and adding some color to the…
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Welcome kittens, I've seen a lot of you online struggling with anxiety. I'm writing this guide to remind you of your true power; to reawaken the inner tigress in you. You are a Queen. A beautiful Goddess, a Quantum reality. First, clear your mind:  We are all products of nature…
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Quarantine has a lot of us feeling lost. Do you resist change or easily adapt and go with the flow? How difficult is it for you to let go of something you put time and effort into? Personally, I struggle with the concept of letting go. As someone with OCD…
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Nekomimi History  It's quite common to see cat girls and neko characters portrayed in media nowadays...but when and where did the concept come from? How did it become so popular that it's influenced everything from storybooks, anime, and western movies to cosplay communities and petplay groups? Well, it all started…
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Calling all gamer cats. In turbulent times like this, it's so easy to feel isolated. I would love to open this article as a screen name exchange section so that we can all connect to each other no matter where we are located. A community that games together stays together.…
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Hello kittens, I would love to discuss "power color" palettes for you to consider for your gear based on your zodiac signs. Aries: Deep blood red is typically associated with Aries. It symbolizes their deep, fiery passion.  People belonging to this star sign also need clean, calming colors such as white…
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