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The powerful dynamic of a Master and slave is truly beautiful. That exciting warm feeling of being owned by someone, and having rules to follow (or risk punishments) is wonderful. The rush of someone, in free will, submitting themselves to you and giving your power over to them is exhilarating.…
5 months ago in: Articles 16 comments
     Being a kitten can be a huge part of who we are and/or even part of our identity. Getting to be a kitten or partake in kitten play is so sexy and exciting! But what do we do when that kitten goes missing? Hopefully I can help with what to…
11 months ago in: Articles 19 comments
    Spring has sprung once again and despite the current struggles of the world, Ostara comes and welcomes us into her arms without fail. Ostara is a time to welcome the rebirth and awakening of our Earth and our lives. She brings new beginnings and hope for better days.…
12 months ago in: Scratchings 14 comments
Being able to model for the Chateau has helped me reconnect with my body and the beauty of it.
1 year ago in: Scratchings 8 comments