Some of you may be thinking, why is aftercare important? Well usually after a very intense scene or punishment most kittens are left feeling vulnerable and a bit shaky. Aftercare helps them feel safe, secure, and loved, as well as assists in creating a close bond.


Okay, you now understand the importance of aftercare, but where do you begin?

  • First, like any relationship, talk it out. Find out what helps to relax your kitten, maybe it’s soft music or watching an old disney movie.
  • After the scene make sure to talk to your pet soothingly as you begin to remove and loosen any gear, let them know step-by-step what you’re doing
    • This is especially important if they are blind folded or you are working behind them!
  • Some pets may go into slight shock, causing a cold feeling, and being naked is no warm walk in the park, so make sure to keep a soft blanket near so you can wrap them up
  • Move them to a warm, comfortable place like a couch, the cement floor of a dungeon doesn’t count as comfortable
  • If your pet is still slightly shaking, or feeling cold, it would be wise to have more blankets on hand
  • Look over your pet for wounds, these will need to be disinfected and bandaged as soon as possible. Don’t leave out sore muscles either. Keep massage oils in reach, as well as some Neosporin.
  • Offer clean water for your pet to drink once you are both settled down. Scenes usually involve a lot of panting and drooling, which would make anyone thirsty. I would also recommend a straw to prevent spilling if their motor skills are impaired.
  • Soft touches are always a relaxing welcome. Soft traces over an upper arm or lower back would make anyone melt, and light strokes of a pet’s hair or cheek can cause a purring machine.
  • Lastly, keep a small box of chocolates on hand to help increase blood sugar as well as release Oxytocin
  • Don’t forget those words of encouragement!


Okay, so now you’ve got the basics down but maybe you want to personalize your aftercare, well I can help with that as well. Here are some ideas to get you started

  • Bubble baths
  • Treats besides chocolate
    • Goldfish, ice cream, cookies, apple bunnies
  • Brushing their hair
  • Watching a movie of your pet’s choice
  • Reading a book to them
  • Bringing them a favorite stuffed animal
  • Kissing their wounds
  • Bringing them coloring books
  • Letting them wear one of your large shirts
  • Putting cute slippers on their feet
  • Giving them beverages other than water
    • Juice, Gatorade, Warm Milk, Hot Chocolate, Tea
  • Using cute cartoon band aids for their wounds
  • Playing soft music
  • Lighting candles of their favorite scents
  • Full body massages


Finally, we can’t forget about our Doms. Yes, Doms need aftercare too! Doms can experience what is known as “top drop”, where, after a scene, a Dom can get a little down in the dumps. Pets, don’t forget to praise your Dom afterwards, let them know what you liked during the scene and what really got you into sub space. Soft touches also do wonders with Doms as well.

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