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Some of you may be thinking, why is aftercare important? Well usually after a very intense scene or punishment most kittens are left feeling vulnerable and a bit shaky.
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Christmas Kitten tails from Kittensplaypen!

Christmas Gear! Christmas themed candy cane stripe kitten tails and red/white kitten ears from Kittensplaypen. You can purchase them here!  
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Halloween collars from CollarCollar!

  Halloween collars from CollarCollar!   In our series this month of cute Halloween themed Kitten collars we have CollarCollar! You can purchase collars from CollarCollar here. They range
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WonderlandPlaypen Halloween collars.

  Halloween Collars from WonderlandPlaypen!   To continue in our series of Halloween themed collars from different stores, here are cute Halloween collars from WonderlandPlaypen! They are priced at
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Kawaii keyhole Lingerie! post thumbnail

Kawaii keyhole Lingerie!

Kawaii keyhole Lingerie These are absolutely perfect for the summer months for your prized pet or pet(s). Beautiful with it’s flirtacious sheer transparent veil skirt in baby blue and
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Kitten Bikinis! post thumbnail

Kitten Bikinis!

Perfect in time for summer is the kitten bikinis! Would you go with black or white!? The cute collars/bells are included. If you need a link to purchase it
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July Gear Review – PastelKink post thumbnail

July Gear Review – PastelKink

PastelKink kitten collars! For July we are showcasing a newer store called “PastelKink” Their designs look promising and if you look below I think you will agree with us
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June Gear review – Liquid Nymph Collars post thumbnail

June Gear review – Liquid Nymph Collars

Liquid Nymph Collars Liquid Nymph offers a higher priced range of exquisite formal collars, yet sturdy enough to be used in training with your kitten. The prices start at
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Cute Kitten Themed Lingerie!

Kitten themed lingerie. Just in time for kitten bedroom play sessions, cute Kitten themed lingerie! They are each sorted by different breeds and colors. Which one would you pick!?
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May KittenGear Review – Mocha Bunny post thumbnail

May KittenGear Review – Mocha Bunny

May Kitten Gear Spotlight – Mocha Bunny Newer onto the scene of kitten gear, Mocha Bunny shows great promise with her cute and kawaii delicate collar designs. We are
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