Prins Pet Space Review ~ Cuffs and collar

 Good evening kitties, This is my first time reviewing cuffs and collars so I hope I do a good job and you find this post informative. First off, I have quit the ‘classic’ KittenPlay, It just personally wasn’t for me, just eh FREEDOM! So I’m a PastelKitten in other words I am a kitten but I ignore all the dominating parts of the lifestyle, like a little kitten I’m cute and where gear, although I highly respect the classic kitten relationship and I do still own items/buy items just for the feeling of being cute though I’m not actively a ‘classic’ kitten, just thought I’d clear that up.
So today as already stated it’s a cuff and collar review my set cost a penny under 30GBP which is roughly  click here for exact link. I got these from a super cute store on etsy and omg the quality is crazy good! Definitely up there with Kitten-Sightings gear for sure, Store links: Store , Instagram: @PrinsPetSpace and the store owners instagram @SiljeMyre her personal website  First off this store is run by one super cute Norwegian kitten, I’m going to guess she’s a Norwegian forest cat… anyway she hand makes everything all on her own because of this everything is crafted with love and she does customs (if you ask her super nicely.) The link I provided for the items I got are custom colors so you can pick them to be however you want, which is great if like me you want collars to match every outfit, mood and season.

So let’s talk about packaging just for a little moment, the collar and cuffs were inside lots and lots and lots! of tissue paper to keep them safe, in the package was a few little sweeties, a kind note and two bells, for the giant white bell and/or the cute silver one I got click here, as the big bells cost extra so do the crystal tear drops if you’re not a bell person, click here for the crystal drop, with the collar and cuffs you also get ribbon in a color that matches the collar… now you get so much ribbon, just so much. I actually took one of the strands I got and cut it in three then burnt the ends because I got so much of it. I suppose you could use what’s left as a cute kitten space game of chase the ribbon. I decided to tie multiple cute bows all over my pet cat, she wasn’t amused and quickly took them off.

Now for the part we really want to know how good is the quality! As I have said as good as KittenSightings, I’m not going to describe my collar and cuffs because you can see them in pictures but I will say they have the beautifully fine details of a tulle layer. There’s a ruffle layer of tulle on the cuffs and collar and it just adds such princess-like flare to this set, it’s a small detail but I feel it makes all the difference. The back of all the collars and cuffs are webbed, so they are indeed bondage proof or if you’re me they’re tug of war with your pet cat proof. All ribbon ends are heat sealed, not black burnt I mean they had just had a quick heat blast so the ends don’t fray, the actual term is ‘heat sealing’ so if you don’t understand what I mean you can google it. The collars and cuffs all feature D rings so these can be locked if you choose, just make sure you hold onto the key because these cuffs and collars are superior in quality and the only way you’ll get them off if you loose the key is to get a lock smith or cut the collar/cuffs. No body wants either of those, so keep those keys safe!

The bells are all different in style, so that’s personal opinion as to whether or not you think they’re good, in terms of quality great, no dents, they all jiggle loudly, theres no color/paint chipping, but as I said personal opinion if you like big, small or no bell and opt for the crystal drop, for me I can’t decide I love them all so  I’ll alternate between them all.

Coupon code: AmaiMint for 15% off any purchase! So judgments:
10/10 why? This is a store ran by a single kitten, Who’s working hard as an MUA/Hairdresser and running a store, yet still has time for customs and never cuts corners she always webs and heat seals her collars for the highest quality. Such a hard working kitten with such great quality items deserves 10/10, honestly my collar and cuff set has no faults what-so-ever I even ran these through a regular wash in my washing machine and they survived perfectly. So fantastic quality, adorable items and a hard working owner.

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Video Interview with Jennifer Taves!

Interview with Costume designer Jennifer Taves in New Orleans, you can find her page here! –

Cute furry Christmas collars!

Christmas Collars!

Christmas is just around the corner, as such you’ll be looking to get your kitten something fun for xmas. Here are some beautiful fluffy Christmas themed collars! They are $17 each and you can purchase them here!




Some of you may be thinking, why is aftercare important? Well usually after a very intense scene or punishment most kittens are left feeling vulnerable and a bit shaky. Aftercare helps them feel safe, secure, and loved, as well as assists in creating a close bond.


Okay, you now understand the importance of aftercare, but where do you begin?

  • First, like any relationship, talk it out. Find out what helps to relax your kitten, maybe it’s soft music or watching an old disney movie.
  • After the scene make sure to talk to your pet soothingly as you begin to remove and loosen any gear, let them know step-by-step what you’re doing
    • This is especially important if they are blind folded or you are working behind them!
  • Some pets may go into slight shock, causing a cold feeling, and being naked is no warm walk in the park, so make sure to keep a soft blanket near so you can wrap them up
  • Move them to a warm, comfortable place like a couch, the cement floor of a dungeon doesn’t count as comfortable
  • If your pet is still slightly shaking, or feeling cold, it would be wise to have more blankets on hand
  • Look over your pet for wounds, these will need to be disinfected and bandaged as soon as possible. Don’t leave out sore muscles either. Keep massage oils in reach, as well as some Neosporin.
  • Offer clean water for your pet to drink once you are both settled down. Scenes usually involve a lot of panting and drooling, which would make anyone thirsty. I would also recommend a straw to prevent spilling if their motor skills are impaired.
  • Soft touches are always a relaxing welcome. Soft traces over an upper arm or lower back would make anyone melt, and light strokes of a pet’s hair or cheek can cause a purring machine.
  • Lastly, keep a small box of chocolates on hand to help increase blood sugar as well as release Oxytocin
  • Don’t forget those words of encouragement!


Okay, so now you’ve got the basics down but maybe you want to personalize your aftercare, well I can help with that as well. Here are some ideas to get you started

  • Bubble baths
  • Treats besides chocolate
    • Goldfish, ice cream, cookies, apple bunnies
  • Brushing their hair
  • Watching a movie of your pet’s choice
  • Reading a book to them
  • Bringing them a favorite stuffed animal
  • Kissing their wounds
  • Bringing them coloring books
  • Letting them wear one of your large shirts
  • Putting cute slippers on their feet
  • Giving them beverages other than water
    • Juice, Gatorade, Warm Milk, Hot Chocolate, Tea
  • Using cute cartoon band aids for their wounds
  • Playing soft music
  • Lighting candles of their favorite scents
  • Full body massages


Finally, we can’t forget about our Doms. Yes, Doms need aftercare too! Doms can experience what is known as “top drop”, where, after a scene, a Dom can get a little down in the dumps. Pets, don’t forget to praise your Dom afterwards, let them know what you liked during the scene and what really got you into sub space. Soft touches also do wonders with Doms as well.

Christmas Kitten tails from Kittensplaypen!

Christmas Gear!

Christmas themed candy cane stripe kitten tails and red/white kitten ears from Kittensplaypen. You can purchase them here!

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 8.35.13 AM


Lace kitten Mask

Purrfect for any kitten looking to attend a masquerade, this beautiful black lace kitten mask costs $25 and can be purchased here !


Christmas collars from Kittensplaypen!

Christmas Collars from Kittensplaypen!

The season is upon us! As we get into December kittens will be looking for cute gifts from their Masters! At Kittensplaypen they have some adorable xmas themed designs, in both collars and ears, below I will show you, but if you are looking to purchase you can find their shop here!



Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 2.06.57 PM




tumblr_ny386hE7ie1tc9pqno4_500And finally this cute matching set of ears and collar! How perfect are these!?


Christmas Cartier jewellery for kittens!

Panthère de Cartier


This Christmas every kitten needs something special, and there is nothing more timeless than the beauty and elegance of Cartier.

For those of you that are looking for something a little bit more special this year, Cartier has a beautiful panther themed range on sale right now. Even for those of us who cannot afford the magic of Cartier, there is still great enjoyment at just looking at these beautiful designs!

Below we will show you some of the stunning pieces. If you are looking to purchase a piece of Cartier jewellery you can find their panther Christmas collection here.

Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 4.49.00 PMScreen Shot 2015-11-21 at 8.47.13 AMScreen Shot 2015-11-23 at 4.51.48 PMScreen Shot 2015-11-23 at 4.49.54 PMScreen Shot 2015-11-23 at 4.50.52 PMScreen Shot 2015-11-23 at 4.51.27 PMScreen Shot 2015-11-21 at 8.51.29 AMScreen Shot 2015-11-21 at 8.51.01 AM

Cute Christmas collars from CakieCreations!


Cute Christmas collars from CakieCreations!


What kitten doesn’t want a cute Christmas collar for this season to wear out with her Master to events like the nutcracker ballet and ice skating!? Don’t worry here at The Chateau we have you covered! Below skylark has listed some of the cutest collars from CakieCreations, the link to find the collars is below.

Cute Christmas collars from CakieCreations just in time for Christmas! Priced between $12 and $16 you can purchase them here!


The Chateau Girls Visit Sucre Macaron Store!

The Chateau girls made a guest appearance at Sucre Macaron store in New Orleans last weekend. We actually have reviewed Sucre previously in the magazine during our September issue that you can read here.

But it was a pleasure to actually go there in person with so many of the girls! We all dressed up in cute french maid uniforms and got to try many different flavors of macarons, our favorites being the unique Absinthe Macaron that only Sucre makes, and the delicious banana fosters! The girls also got to visit the upstairs champagne bar that is also owned by Sucre and sample different champagnes as well as having many photo opportunities! We are very thankful to Sucre for allowing us to be there, if you are looking to purchase some delicious Sucre macarons which we highly suggest, you can get them here!

Below I will post pictures from the event, please enjoy!



Models left to right: Lilith Serpentine, Skylark, Cyn, Claudia Rylie



Models left to right: Cashmere Kitten, Lilith Serpentine, Skylark, Cyn, Claudia Rylie, M Kitteh, and Casey Marie



Selfie Claudia took in the car on the way there!



Delicious chocolate mousse in a perfect kitten shaped tin, ideal for any kitten girl! Lilith Serpentine was particularly fond of this dish and said it tasted great!



Of course it wasn’t long before the girls discovered the Champagne bar upstairs!



Skylark and Cyn at the bar, you can guess where this is going!



Soon it was decided that Miss Claudia needed a good cleaning!


Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 6.01.40 PM

One last group shot outside the sore with our guest butler Danny in tow. Fun fact, New Orleans can reach such extremes in humidity that often it can be impossible for photographers to take pictures outside without their lens steaming up!


Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 5.07.20 PM

And away the Maid brigade goes, onto it’s next kitten adventure in New Orleans!