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Awesome article I found on tumblr by the amazing SadisticPanter, all credit goes to her so check out her page!


Kittenplay Command Words
“I have never really liked using traditional submissive positional training when it comes to pets, specifically kittens. And kittens aren’t really dogs, so I felt it was about time that kittens get their own set of command words and positional training charts! So here are some suggestions I came up with that you can adopt into your training of your pet kitty, enjoy!

🐾Sit Pretty-Sitting upright on legs tucked under, knees slightly spread apart (about shoulder width) with paws (hands) between open legs and paws touching the ground, head facing forward, chest up and out (as if proud to be seen). This is a classic kitten pose and used as a base for many other command words.
🐾Paws up- From any position, this indicates kitten no longer gets the use of their fingers by making a paw shape with their hand by tucking their fingers under the palm on their hand. Arms should be bent up with paws up on display in a begging type position. This can be used as a position for rope bondage, applying cuffs or restraints, showcasing, encouraging kitten play head space, or to encourage them to use their paws when with their Owner at that moment. Sexually, you can use this position as a means of denial; if kitten hasn’t been allowed to touch themselves and wants to, you can allow it with this position and watch kitten desperately fumble without the use of their fingers.
🐾Tail up- This is a submissive position with the face to the floor, nose touching, and hands out above the head, palms down (unless in “paws up” mode), forearms touching the ground. However, their knees should be on the ground, slightly apart at about shoulder width, with the butt high up in the air. This position is great for when an Owner wants to be the one to insert kitten’s tail plug. It can also be used to display kittens private parts, or for impact play on the butt with things like floggers, paddles, whips, ect. Good for simple inspections as a “vet check-up”. You can add the command “expose” (see next). Sexually, this position is perfect for doggy style sex.
🐾Expose- This command automatically combines the “tail up” position, however one paw is used to lift up kittens tail to “expose” their privates to Owner. Only used when a tail is being worn.
🐾Belly Up- What it sounds like…kitten lays on their back with legs bent and lifted off the floor. You may want them to cross their lower legs as an addition. Paws should be lifted off the ground and up in the air with the “paws up” position. This position is one that encourages fun for kitten. It’s their playtime starter position. From here, you can use this for tickling whether by hand or ticklish feather toys they can try and bat at, to using this position to apply restraints on both wrists and ankles, to belly petting, to giving them some of their favorite toys to play with. You can also use this position, sexually, for standard missionary sex or straddling over your kitten for oral stimulation.
🐾Knead- This is an extended command after “paws up”. Kneading is as simple as using their paws to knead at whatever their currently touching. That could be their Owner, that could be the bed, pillow,or blanket. This is a simple command and one to use to relax kitten and put them at ease and encourage sleeping or calmness. Try adopting this command right before bedtime. During sexual encounters when Owner gives this command, it can simply refer to the pet giving oral.
🐾Companion- This command indicates that the kitten will do a combination of two previous commands, “sit pretty” and “paws up”, in a specific location when the Owner is standing or sitting. The kitten will first go to the dedicated right or left side of their Owners legs (up to the Owner during training of this command) and then “sit pretty”, however the “paws up” should immediately be done and paws either wrapped around the Owner’s leg if standing or resting on the knee of the Owner if sitting. This is a good position for Owners who want their kitten by their side for multiple reasons whether to pet them, to give them a treat, or to put a collar on them which a follow-up command (given next) can be used. The Owner, if standing, can take the opportunity to use other commands from this point, such as “Tail down” and then “crawl”.
🐾Ears Down- This command tells kitten to lean their head down. Whether simply for the idea of submission or to apply a collar to lock it in the back, this can be a simple useful command word.
🐾Crawl- A kitten version of “come”, this position tells the kitten to crawl forward to Owner on hands and knees. Owners can use this to their advantage in asking the kitten to either crawl sexily, slowly, or “hunt” can be used as a replacement; see below:
🐾Hunt- This command is the same as “crawl” except the kitten crawls very low and slow to the ground as if in hunting mode for when Owner has a toy for the kitten to play with or something worth “hunting” for.
🐾Show Kitty- This command is an extension of “sit pretty” and “paws up” combined. The only difference is the kitten is extended upright on their knees. A good position for when Owner wants a basic inspection of their kitten, wants them to beg, to clip on a leash for leash training, or simply to adore the kittens form. “Show kitty” is a position of pride for the kitten, showing off their beauty, grace, and willingness to be a pet. It has less functional purpose, but is a position of adoration the Owner can give to his pet by giving them their full attention. It’s a good position for an Owner to call right before a scene or other scheduled playtime.
🐾Tail Down- This is a simple command version of the typical pet word “stay”. This command tells the kitten to stay in whatever position they are in and not move until another command word is given.
🐾Groom- This command is a combination of “sit pretty” and “ears down”. The kitten will sit pretty in between the Owners legs, facing them. With their head tilted down, this position is perfect for an Owner to groom the kitten. Have a hairbrush near and spend some time brushing kittens hair or any other grooming type routine. This can also include having out specific things for kitten to wear that you’d like to have them in.”

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