Customizing Your Kitten With GB Leatherworks

Hello to all you lovely kittens. This article is one to enjoy with your partner. I have had the privilege of getting to know the gentlemen of GB Leatherworks and their exceptional skill in leather crafting, from the smallest bracelet, to a customized corset. It honestly felt like there was not much these two could not create. The detail in the designs showed me they love their craft, and they are always up to the task of creating. Here, I will show you just a few items on their store that I couldn’t say “no” to. The best part is, the store is pleasing to the eye, does wonders for the wardrobe, and is easy on the wallet. So, without further ado I give you the merchandise of GB Leatherworks.

First up, is a must for all kittens, whether you are out on a picnic with your fellow kittens, or having a lovely date with your partner. This tea set holder is perfect for any occasion. You heard me right kittens, a tea set holder, store your cup, spoon, and a plate so you are always prepared for teatime. An amazing feature on this item is that you can attach it to your belt or strap it on as a purse. The buttons lock firmly and securely to ensure nothing falls out. The leather is quite durable so you can rest assured that your plate will be safe in the event of an accident. Do not let the picture fool you, this was a custom-made order, meaning that the color of the leather is up to you. When initially discussing the tea set holder, GB Leatherworks showed me a lighter color as seen in the photo and a darker leather that would match any little black dress.

Next up, are the collars and cuffs. An item as versatile as they are cute. Whether you’re gifting to a fellow kitten, in the market for a new collar (one with a more personal touch) or looking to get some cuffs for you and your partner can match, GB Leatherworks has you covered. The detail of the stenciling within the leather left me breathless. The pictures they showed me of their different stenciling with symbols and words had my mind all a-tizzy with what to write. You can have a collar for all occasions and moods. The cuffs are comfortable and can be worn for hours, feeling super smooth. You and your partner, or friend, will match… And be super fancy.

What better way to match your tea set holder, than by having a place to store your parasol? Look alive kittens! GB Leatherworks has a parasol holder. You will be classy wherever you go with your tea set and parasol holder. Every kitten will look as if you stepped out of a Victorian painting. Parasols, as all kittens know, are a good way to keep the skin nice and healthy by limiting how much sun hits our sensitive skin. All kittens can agree, there is nothing better than being able store your parasol when in a shady location, and be able to free up your hands. A major A+ in the convenience factor.

Speaking of the Victorian era, prepare to have your wildest dreams met when you see the customized corsets GB Leatherwork can do. I wanted this corset to match a dress I have, so the colors are vibrant, but rustic. GB Leatherwork asked for multiple measurements to ensure the corset fit exactly how I wanted it to. They were even kind enough to make minor adjustments to make this corset feel on point. The corset is comfortable, and most importantly you can breathe, which all kittens can agree is a breath of fresh air. The sky’s the limit.  Kittens, get the corset of your dreams to wear for all occasions.

Finally, as pictured above, you can see the myriad of different items GB Leatherworks has made. Whether you want to feel like a kitten-wizard and store your wand, complete your steampunk ensemble with a glamorous hat, or want some trendy bracelets, the only limitations to GB Leatherworks is your own imagination. Give these gentlemen a buzz and get yourself some customized leather goods. I know I will be hitting up their store in the future.

Links for their Etsy and Facebook like page:

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