Moving in with Your Gent

Recently, my Gent and I decided to take the next step in our relationship by moving in with each other. It could be argued that this is one of the most monumental times in a kitten’s life and it is such an amazing feeling getting to live with the person you love most. Since living with my Gent I realized that this is a serious learning experience and I wanted to explain some of the lessons I have learned so far…


Lesson 1: Communication!

As with any relationship the absolute best way to avoid conflict is through honest communication. By communicating honestly with your partner it sets a healthy foundation on which you can build your relationship upon. Conflicts are normal for people in all relationships and it is always best to address a problem when it arises rather than later!


Lesson 2: Respect the Home

Mental health plays an extremely important part in relationships and I discovered how much mental health is influenced by one’s surroundings. A clean living-space can honestly do wonders for your mood and with cohabitation keeping the home clean helps avoid conflict and reduces stress.


Lesson 3: Cute Surprises

Now that you live together there are more opportunities for romance! It is easy to become super comfy in your home with your Gent, but it is important to reassure them that you love them. To keep the romance alive a kitten can surprise their Gent by making him coffee first thing in the morning, sending him sweet messages while he is at work, leaving love notes around the house, making a home cooked meal, setting up a movie night, and so much more!  


Final Lesson: Make it your Home!

Once you have settled into your new place together it is important to make the place feel like a home. I found that putting effort into the home makes the space so much more peaceful. Be sure to add your individuality to it and have plenty of soft blankets, pillows, candles, and lights.


Thank you for reading! If you have any more lessons please add to this list. 


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