Safe Cuddling With Fur Babies!

Hello, glorious kittens. Do you have a furry friend? Do you have friends who have furry friends? Do you despite loving your furry friends suffer from slight allergies? Well here is Tox Suki’s step by step book on how to stay around your friends even with those allergies. Spoken by someone who also has slight allergies to our loveable fur babies.

  • Benadryl is your friend not as close as your baby but close enough. If you know you are going to a location that will have numerous of our furry friends always make sure you have a healthy supply on hand. Personally, for me I use the pill form but if you like liquid form then stick to what works best for you and you know will work. I have also used the Itch Stick that is used for anti-itch which I have found effective but always test before adding to your care package. This is about maximizing your time with your friends both furry and non-furry. If it isn’t broke don’t fix it.
  • Next to add to your care box are cotton face masks. Which can not only make a fashion statement but you’ll look super adorbs while cuddling with your little friend and as added bonus still be able to breathe. Medical face masks come in many forms. From non-cute cotton face masks, specifically designed to block dust, smog, and allergens, to fun designs like K-pop, pandas, kawaii smiles and facial expressions all the way to custom made kandi gloomy bear mask, made by yours truly 😉. If you’re going to wear this mask around for extended periods of time why not go the extra mile and look good doing it.
  • Last but certainly not least you like to pet your furry friends and they love to be pet so top priority are gloves. Why not be luxurious, channel your inner Audrey Hepburn and get yourself a pair of nice satin long sleeve burlesque style opera gloves. Our friends love to rub up on us so give them something nice and soft to rub on.


This has been the Tox Suki step by step to cuddling with your fur babies while mitigating your slight allergies. Please note this is not to be used for those who have serious allergies. Please consult with your doctor and as always love all fur babies unconditionally.

To kick start your search please check out some of these Etsy sellers:

SeasonsTrading (gloves)

HelpFlattenTheCurve (face masks with filter pocket)

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