Succuba Black Velvet Ribbon/Heart Locket Collar Review

Hello Kittens and Gents,

I find it extremely helpful to get recommendations from trusted friends about products . I am going to make a series of posts about things that I have found out and about in this big wide world of things, that really worked for me, that I love and wear often. After weeks of admiring it, I finally decided to take the plunge and make the purchase. This collar by Succuba was my very first collar purchase and I was quite happy with it. Even unboxing it, I was very pleasantly surprised. The box is very upscale and luxurious.

It even has a small key that can open the lock on the collar. The key has a nice ribbon and they key is well made. The key has a very sturdy finish and the ribbon has a super cute scalloped edging to it.  It’s a thoughtful and lovely touch to the product.

The collar looks great on. As you can see, it’s a velveteen, black finish, and has held up to time. The hardware, the buckles, and things are quite sturdy. The lock is very heavy in your hand. You can tell that it’s well made and will stand the test of time with some care and consideration.

The ribbon and heart lock design have stolen MY heart! The only critique I would make is that it’s a bit big on my tiny neck. Mine is only about 12.5 inches around, and I do believe that it would fit a traditional 13-15 inches. It doesn’t have enough loops to make it fit, and would be slightly more comfortable on a larger nape, but another loop can always be added to make it more comfortable.

Everything that came in this little black box is worth the reasonable price! You can check the brand out here. While I got mine on Amazon, I believe they can also be purchased for a similar price through Wish, too. It looks like this particular model has been discontinued, but there are many other adorable options still available.

I hope this helps you in your Kitten apparel shopping journey! I hope one day we can have an open exchange of great, tried and true items for us to compare and buy.

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