Denver Vampire Ball Weekend – Act II- The Banquet

Nestled high on top of a rock cropping and over a couple thousand acres of land in Sedalia, Colorado, the 15th Century Cherokee Castle is the scene of the second and elegant event of the weekend.  Just as the theme of the Vampire ball itself changes every year, the dinner themed is set to match, and the food and drinks are specifically created to capture the essence of the theme.

Each year as a part of the weekend, bonds are built over dinner, drinks, a history lesson, and conversation.  This intimate gathering is limited in the number of guests that are allowed to attend for numerous reasons.  First, the space within the castle is limited.  Secondly, the age of the castle makes it so that the small number of attendees preserves its historical integrity.  Finally, by keeping the venue attendance limited, the experience becomes so much more valuable beyond the cost of a ticket.

Tickets are coveted as this event sells out every year.  Guests are treated to not only breathtaking views of the inside of this historic landmark, but to gaze out at the fantastic landscape through various windows is just the best.  Memories are captured throughout the castle and evening by photographer Larry Mark of Fierros Photography, during the historical tour, ensuring to capture and highlight the array of exquisite outfits worn by the attendees.

The evening begins by taking a scenic drive up this limited traveled road that winds and turns until you crest over the last turn and view beautiful structure bathed in soft, twinkling lights draped over trees that line the property.  Upon entering through an arched doorway and hanging your overcoat or wrap in the coatroom, you are engulfed in a grand ballroom.  One of the first things your eyes are drawn to is the massive hearth at the head of the room.  Off to the side is a small nook where guests can go, sit, enjoy beautiful landscape views, sip on their drinks, and have their Tarot read before enjoying the beautiful and wonderful tale of the history of the castle.

If you look towards the back of the room, you will notice a balcony that provides a spectacular view of the entire room should you get an opportunity to go up there and take a look and possibly capture it on camera.  Also, nestled underneath the balcony and at the back of the room is where dinner is served.  This year, as the theme was Moulin Rouge, guests dined on French-inspired cuisine to include dessert.  Before dinner, there was the blessing that was delivered by a local priestess.  Throughout dinner, guests were entertained by musicians that played the most delightful music.

The evening would not be complete without the regaling of funny stories told of previous dinners and plans for dinners to come.  There were candid photos, professional photos, and one large group photo with the hostess, Isibella Karnstein, at the center, to cap the evening.  If you missed out and want to live the evening vicariously, you can check out the myriad of beautiful photos taken by both guests and Larry Mark, the photographer for the evening, on Facebook, Instagram, or even Twitter.

Are you ready to be a part of the memory?  Stay tuned to Facebook for the announcement of next year’s theme.  The food will be just as exciting as the theme itself, and if you get the chance to join, don’t pass up this wonderful opportunity.  The weekend is not over.  There is one last act to our story, the ball itself.  Stay tuned!

Photos courtesy of  Anna J. Jaskolska, Larry Mark, Fierros Photography and

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