Denver Vampire Ball Weekend Act III – The Ball

As the weekend draws to a close, we reach the climax for which we have all been waiting.  The setting for this finale is an energy-packed act that takes place in the Church nightclub located in downtown Denver.  This nightclub is an actually converted church.  Just as if one were to arrive at a ball in the Carpathian Mountains, guests arrive under a light falling of snow, giving it an even more vampiric feel.

The festivities for the evening begin as you enter through the massive Gothic-style doors and hear DJs already spinning fantastic dance music that calls your soul to the dance floor.  However, you can’t take your eyes off of the massive ceiling, the many different house banners that decorate the front stage area to show the unity of the vampire community being able to set aside all differences and come together for a good time.

A loud, commanding voice booms over the speakers, bringing the celebration to a halt.  It is time to pay respects to the ambassadors of the Vampire houses that have traveled far and not so far.  The emcee announces each house, their representatives, and where they are from as they enter the grand hall.  The guests pay homage by clearing the dance floor and watch in respectful silence, even cheering for their representatives as they make their initial appearance.  The final house to enter the ball is the house Karnstein.  Queen Isibella and her court of Vampurrs are a breathtaking sight to behold.   A loud round of foot-stomping, hand-clapping, whistling, and cheering erupts and fills the club, shaking the rafters, signaling it is time to officially kick off the evening.

Throughout the inside of the club, you can find rooms decorated to fit the theme, bartenders ready to serve up specialty cocktails, and vendors at the ready to sell you handcrafted treasures.  Guests can take home a memory of the ball by way of either a magnificent photo taken by Jim Medford of Medford Photography or one of a great many handcrafted treasures by several of the extremely talented vendors to include collars, cuffs, tags, and ankhs by the Chateau.

Midnight finally arrives, and it is time for the highly anticipated ritual of the Virgin sacrifice.  Every year, a beautiful, young Chateau kitten is selected as an offering to give thanks for a successful weekend and bring success for the ball to come in the next year.  This beautiful “snackrifice” is carried in a special Chateau coffin by four handsomely dressed Chateau Gents and followed by a selection of brides also from the Chateau dressed elegantly in white.

The coffin is placed before a large wooden cross that has been prepared beforehand, highly polished, and ropes attached for securing the sacrifice.  While hypnotic dance music is playing, the brides are fawning over the Virgin, preparing her for her journey; pawing, petting, planting her with kisses.  Reassuring her that she is the chosen one and that her sacrifice will please everyone very much and enjoy her special treatment.

The Virgin is assisted from the coffin to the cross where she is secured, and the reassurance is continued.  At this point, her fog begins to lift and begins to turn to shock and panic.  The brides continue to fawn over her and each in the most erotic manner as the music as them in a trance.  After the Virgin is secured, the brides back away, and the cross is raised.  At this point, the screams of terror ring out throughout the club as the Virgin is fully aware of her senses.  She is on display for all to see.  The hunger, the thirst of all the Vampires rage.  The sacrifice is a success.

As the night draws to a close and the weekend fades into a dreamlike mist, we begin to plan for the 2021 Denver Vampire Ball by having a contest to see who will come up with the winning theme for it by having attendees submit suggestions on Facebook.  Will it be you who will be the lucky creator of next year’s theme?  Until then, keep your ankhs polished and your fangs sharp!

Picture of the inside of the Church nightclub courtesy of the internet –

The photo of the Church nightclub courtesy of the internet –

One of the Chateau’s very own Gents Dorian Grey is working one of the vendor tables.  Picture courtesy of  Tyler Louis Vayda of Very Tiger Cosplay

Virgin Sacrifice – Jade and Brides.  Photo courtesy of Tyler Louis Vayda of Very Tiger Cosplay

Queen Isibella, Daniel DuKink, Jeff Lawson, Chateau kittens Christina Eilert and Satine De Lioncourt, VIP Guest and Mexican ambassador and special fangsmith, Rikki Sixx, and guest.  Photo courtesy of Tyler Louis Vayda of Very Tiger Cosplay

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