Fantastic Leather Crafts from the Fantasy Realm

Many young people feel the irresistible pull of adventure and travel as they reach adulthood, and go on a quest of inner and outer discovery as soon as we can spread our wings. This was absolutely how I felt as a blooming adult, and so when I was 20 years old, I embarked on a journey that would last over five years and shape me in ways I never expected. That journey was traveling the country working and living at Renaissance Faires. I could go on for pages and pages about my experiences there, the people I met, the things that I learned, but in this article I wanted to talk about a particular shop that I think many of those who participate in kitten play and BDSM will be particularly interested in and share with you my small collection of pieces from them.

The shop is called Rev’s Armour Werx, owned by the long term renfolk husband and wife team known as Rev and Troy. Their shop features handcrafted leather items ranging from apparel and gear to home decor. My favorite pieces are of course their BDSM collection, featuring custom and pre-made collars, harnesses, whips, restraints, and more!

My personal RAW collection consists of a gorgeous custom made purple and black lockable collar with matching lockable wrist cuffs lined with sheep skin and a decadent rabbit fur cat-o-nine-tails dyed to look like snow leopard spots.

My custom collar and cuffs were a gift to myself for my 26th birthday. I approached Troy, the wife of the leather duo, about making my set just the way I wanted. She spent a lot of time getting my measurement, picking out the right hardware for my vision, and helping me find just the right purple leather for the trim. When I picked up the finished product, I was so excited! I sent some very naughty selfies to my dom that night, but nothing could compare to the first time we got to use them in person!

The collar and cuffs all feature buckles that can be locked for a more exciting session. I decided to purchase my own locks separately so I could get heart shaped ones. The cuffs also feature durable, easy to use clips that can be used to clip the cuffs to each other or to an external restraint such as a rack or bedframe rig. They’re lined with soft sheep skin for comfort during sessions and because I’m all about softness! The collar features a centered ring that is perfect for my master to loop his finger and pull me close, or to attach a leash so he can lead me where he pleases and remind me that I’m his!

The supple leather of this set feels delicious against my skin as my master locks me in for play, and even as I move throughout the session, the pieces remain comfortable, in place, and intact. I also love the opportunity for further bonding and care that my master and I get throughout the process of putting the set on and removing the set when the session is over. That delicate beauty of the vulnerability in those moments is something I think many of us who participate in BDSM play really cherish, and this set absolutely extends those precious moments.


The final item in my collection from Rev’s is the first piece I ever got from them. My rabbit fur cat-o-nine-tails is one of my prized possessions for many reasons, not the least of which being how rare it is. The creme rabbit fur is hand dyed to resemble snow leopard spots, and when I bought it, I was told by Troy that it was one of only a small handful she’d ever made in that pattern in all her decades of working with leather. Don’t worry though! She makes many of these rabbit fur whips in luxurious black rabbit fur with dozens of colors to choose from for the binding, you can definitely get your hands on one!

I was enchanted by its softness and the supple way it moved through my hands from the moment I held one of these delightful treasures. Every time I get to use it in a play session, the pleasure it brings me is unmatched by any other toy! I mentioned before that I love softness. When my master draws this decadent creation across my skin, I actually shudder with delight from the sensation it brings me! My favorite place to be tickled with this beauty is the backs of my thighs, the feeling is absolutely dream like. They also feature a ring so that you (or your master) can clip the toy to your belt for a session or event.

I would highly recommend stopping by Rev’s Armour Werx at one of the many Renaissance Faires they have shops at throughout the United States. You can also find them on Facebook under “Rev’s Armour Werx” or on their website in order to check out their wares, place an order, or see where you can find them in person near you and what time of year they will be there! I assure you that once you get your hands on their primal gear, you will be just as delighted as I am every time you use them to play!


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