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Hello, lovely kittens and kitten owners! We have all seen it kittens lounging on the couch basking in the sun, watching the world go by now more than ever is the perfect time to help your kittens stay active and healthy. Help your kitten friends go from laying on the couch sunbathing to outside and walking in the sun.


  • Virtual walks. No, we do not mean walking in virtual space. Do you kittens hate walking alone? Then call up your owner or best kitten friends and go for a lovely walk while talking with them over the phone. Put on your best strutting shoes and start prowling. Take this time to take some outdoor selfies, from walking in a lovely forest to walking on the beach, take the time to breathe the fresh air, and explore, for the world is your playground. I personally enjoy some outside time with my dog Simon aka best boy =^-^=
  • Are you like me stuck at a desk all day working? Then get yourself a nice yoga ball! Versatile and travel friendly. Playing games? Yoga ball. Binge watching a tv show? Yoga ball. Think of it as a giant ball of yarn to play with. You do not need to hit the gym to keep active and fit. Love the Kitten you see in the mirror, for you are all beautiful.



  • Need some more motivation kittens? Sometimes it is hard to really find the drive to keep what you have worked hard for. Fear not it’s always good to rely on those closest to you. For those of you who have an owner why not have them send you random workouts to do throughout the day. We have all seen on social media “one like and I will do one squat” so why not monopolize on this practice? For you kittens without owners ask your best kitten friends to aid you and in return why not help them as well? As we know a kitten’s body is a temple and should be pampered and treated with care. So, owners always remember to love and reward your kitten. A glass of champagne, a nice treat goes a long way to motivate and reinvigorate.



I hope these tips are helpful to you all! Please remember to stay hydrated when you are out. Stay safe, have fun, and be active. Tox Suki signing off. Stay lovely everyone!


53 thoughts on “Kittens Let’s Get Active!”

  1. lunawhispurr lunawhispurr says:

    I love this! While a lot of actual of traditional exercises my body can’t handle that much, I enjoy going on a simple walk or practicing my flow arts in the sun. It’s very therapeutic.

    1. toxsuki toxsuki says:

      Thank you so much for reading my article and loving it =^_^= I always enjoy a nice walk so I can soak up the sun. Flow arts sounds like a lot of fun

    1. toxsuki toxsuki says:

      I am glad you think so and if you get a chance to use any of them please let me know what you thought =^_^=

  2. november november says:

    What a cute little article! I shall join this movement!

    1. toxsuki toxsuki says:

      Thank you and yay! Welcome to the active movement lol

  3. This is so inspiring, very true as well! I have been keeping up with working out since quarantine started and my gym didn’t allow people to come back since recent. Really enjoyed this cute post!

    1. toxsuki toxsuki says:

      I am very glad that my article could be inspiring to you and I definitely feel ya on that as my gym also just opened up. Thank you for all of the love =^-^=

  4. A_Kitty_A A_Kitty_A says:

    Great advice. I definitely need to go on a fitness kick!

  5. Toxic Toxic says:

    This is amazing! Thank you for sharing <3

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